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In same sheet

YAMM will segment your list to start a new merge and target the right people.

Your former 'Merge status' column will be renamed with the date of your previous campaign, and we will automatically create a new status column for this new campaign. This way you still have access to the status of your former campaigns.

We can only track 1 campaign at a time in the same sheet. So if you want to keep track of your former campaigns, best will be to do the follow-up campaign in a new sheet .

Indeed when you do a follow-up, YAMM erases all the former YAMM-IDs on the recipient rows, and replace them by a new one. These YAMM-IDs are used to record and track your emails.

So after a new mail merge on the same sheet, it will not be possible to track your former campaign from the previous sending. You will be able to track the new mail merge only.

Follow-up on same email threads?
In new threads

If you choose to run a follow-up campain in new threads, your recipients will get your follow-up email in separate thread from their Gmail inbox:

This option will work only if your subject line is different from the first email (or if you're using another draft with another subject line).
In same threads

By choosing this option, your recipients will get your follow-up email on the same conversation thread from their Gmail box:

This option will work only if your subject line is the same as your first email. Best would be to reuse the same draft and simply modify the email content (not the subject line).



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is it possible to do a follow up email on a section of the overall campaign? Ie those that were emailed in wave 1?

Denise Henry

Would you please show examples for this option? Thank you.

Follow-up on same email threads?

In new threads
In same threads

@Denise: Thanks for your comment! We have updated this article and you have now examples for follow-up in new / same threads.

@Swschool:Sorry, you can only choose one of the 4 target groups offered by our follow-up option, but we would consider adding more options ;-).

Screening for vitamin D deficiency leads to hundreds of millions of dollars wasted in testing costs annually. 3 Low-level daily supplementation with calcium and vitamin D can increase the risk of kidney stones, 13 and higher monthly doses of vitamin D increased the risk of falls in a randomized controlled trial of older adults with vitamin D deficiency. 14 The National Academy of Medicine has noted that vitamin D intakes above the tolerable upper limit of 4,000 IU per day may cause toxic effects such as renal impairment, hypercalcemia, or vascular calcification. cheap classic discount low cost Balenciaga 2017 Speed Trainer Sneakers 0Bhbh
In 2014, 3% of all U.S. adults and 6.6% of adults older than 60 years reported taking a vitamin D supplement of 4,000 or more IU per day. 2

It is time for clinicians and patients to curb our enthusiasm for vitamin D screening and supplementation. Strategies to decrease unnecessary testing could include distributing the patient handout on vitamin D tests created by Consumer Reports for the Choosing Wisely campaign ( ) and implementing clinical decision support for ordering laboratory tests. In Alberta, Canada, the number of vitamin D tests decreased by more than 90% during the first 12 months after implementation of a paper and electronic requisition form that required physicians who were ordering laboratory tests to select one of several approved indications (e.g., metabolic bone disease, abnormal blood calcium levels, malabsorption syndromes, chronic renal disease, chronic liver disease). 16 Family physicians should also counsel patients on the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D (600 IU per day in adults 70 years and younger, and 800 IU per day in adults older than 70 years), and discourage most patients from using supplements, especially in dosages near or above the tolerable upper limit of 4,000 IU per day.

Editor's Note: Dr. Lin is Associate Deputy Editor of AFP online.

Read the full article.

To see the full article, log in or purchase access.

Address correspondence to Kenneth W. Lin, MD, MPH, at . Reprints are not available from the author.

Author disclosure: No relevant financial affiliations.

1. Shahangian S, Alspach TD, Astles JR, Yesupriya A, Dettwyler WK. Trends in laboratory test volumes for Medicare Part B reimbursements, 2000–2010. Arch Pathol Lab Med . 2014;138(2):189–203. ...

2. Rooney MR, Harnack L, Michos ED, Ogilvie RP, Sempos CT, Lutsey PL. Trends in use of high-dose vitamin D supplements exceeding 1000 or 4000 International Units daily, 1999–2014. . 2017;317(23):2448–2450.

3. LeFevre ML, LeFevre NM. Vitamin D screening and supplementation in community-dwelling adults: common questions and answers. . 2018;97(4):254–260.

4. Choosing Wisely. American Society for Clinical Pathology. February 21, 2013. . Accessed August 8, 2017.

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13. Jackson RD, LaCroix AZ, Gass M, et al.; Women's Health Initiative Investigators. Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation and the risk of fractures [published correction appears in N Engl J Med 2006;354(10): 1102]. . 2006;354(7):669–683.

14. Bischoff-Ferrari HA, Dawson-Hughes B, Orav EJ, et al. Monthly high-dose vitamin D treatment for the prevention of functional decline: a randomized clinical trial. . 2016;176(2):175–183.

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16. Naugler C, Hemmelgarn B, Quan H, et al. Implementation of an intervention to reduce population-based screening for vitamin D deficiency: a cross-sectional study. . 2017;5(1):E36–E39.

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Nonetheless, in patients with multi-vessel CAD, ongoing SV graft failures have led some surgeons to adopt a policy of extensive or total arterial revascularization using one or both internal mammary arteries and alternative conduits such as the radial artery (RA) ( 10 ) or right gastroepiploic arterial grafts ( 11 ). Arterial grafts have the advantage of durability and may have a protective effect by reducing the progression of native CAD in grafted vessels ( 12 ). Multiple arterial grafting may thereby improve survival in patients receiving total arterial revascularization. Beginning in 1995, total arterial revascularization has been the operation of choice in our unit for treatment of three-vessel CAD, with various iterations or graft configurations in use.

The success of a surgical procedure is related to careful assessment and planning. All patients should be considered for multiple arterial grafts. Although the BITA rate is about 35% in our unit there are a number of recognized relative contraindications, including obesity (BMI >35), severe airways disease, diabetes, radiotherapy, or immunosuppression. Recent data suggest that the risks of the latter are markedly reduced by the use of skeletonization ( 13 ). The RA is our conduit of choice after the ITAs. Most patients with TVD require three major conduits; combined with ITA conduits, our choice is to use the RA rather than a SVG for the supplementary bypass grafts. There are contraindications to RA harvesting: 5% of patients have an abnormal ulnar collateral flow as judged by the Allen test (a return of blood to the ischemic hand in greater than 10 seconds after release of the ulnar pulse), while palpable or visible calcification during harvesting pose potential problems in the elderly. RA trauma following recent cardiac catheterization is a more recent concern, and limited data and anecdotal experience suggests these conduits should be avoided. Patients receiving or likely to receive dialysis may require the preservation of RAs for future fistulae as lack of vascular access remains a major cause of death in long-term dialysis patients.

Aside from the availability of conduits, other factors which may influence optimal planning are the severity of the target lesions and the decision to perform the procedure on- or off-pump. In lesions with less than 70% stenosis in the left circulation, and probably 90% in a dominant right coronary system, competitive flow is a risk factor for arterial graft failure, and lesser lesions may be more safely grafted with a SV or left untouched. Moderate right coronary lesions (40-69%) have a lower rate of progression than often assumed and may reasonably remain ungrafted ( Étoile Isabel Marant Roxann Suede Booties clearance browse shopping online cheap online limited edition for sale CDvlwD
). The use of off-pump techniques favors arterial conduits, given several reports of poorer SVG patency after off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB), and with anaortic OPCAB techniques being performed almost exclusively with multiple arterial grafts.



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